Ezscale Loader Scale

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Ez~Scale Loader Scale is developed and available only through Trouble-Shooting Services Ltd. and our Authorized Dealer Network. We are a proud Canadian distributor and creator of mobile scales including The Ez~Scale Touch Screen, the most accurate scale on the market and the best on-board weighing systems in the construction business.

Dedicated to keeping you productive.

For forty years, Trouble-Shooting Services has been helping owners and operators get the most out of their heavy equipment. In the beginning, we earned a reputation for being one of the most knowledgeable and trusted firms for the repair and maintenance of heavy equipment.

Now we help owners and operators work more profitably by providing them with the best on-board weighing systems in the business.


We understand the pressure to be profitable, the rough conditions and the need for simplicity.

Touch Screen
Loader Scale

Ez~Scale Touch Screen is built tough and loaded with features.

Our newest loader scale is The Ez~Scale Touch Screen, accurate to within 1/2 of 1% with the machine on the move. We created the Ez~Scale based on 40 years of job site experience. We understand the pressure to be profitable, the rough conditions and the need for simplicity. Our scales deliver because we know the business.

With unmatched quality, features and service, our scales deliver.

No need for periodic calibration, our scales always perform with amazing accuracy.
Direct Product Support by our toll free number, e-mail or fax from anywhere in North America.
On-Site Service
Should ever require service on your Ez~Scale product, we promise to provide professional service.

Maximum accuracy, faster loading cycles and improved profits. Learn more about what Ez-Scale can do for you.

We stand by our name.

Trouble Shooting Services is home to the finest most advanced wheel loader scales in the industry. We’ve established a reputation for excellence in both product quality and customer satisfaction. Accuracy is still and will always be our #1 priority. EZ-Scale removes all the guess work and provides accurate load weights for load out trucks. Given the limitless possibilities, please contact us for your specific needs, additional information or questions.

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